02 April 2010

Getting ready for spring

Went up to Sea Vert on Wednesday to move to a new slip.  The Navy is rebuilding some of the pier due to damage from large wakes and heavy wave action so I took the opportunity to move to a slightly smaller slip which will save some money.  Even with the new rates we will be paying just a little less than the 36 foot slip we were in.

Changed out the oil, filters, and the impeller.  Even at $120 for parts it is pretty inexpensive insurance, even if it did take all day.  Spent Thursday cleaning up and getting rid of excess stuff, we still have over two cases of wine onboard and Barbara says that we should just drink it up rather than haul it back to the house. 

Barbara did get some pretty cool wines for sipping while we are swinging on the hook.  She found liter bottle of Gruner Veltliner that has a crown cap instead of a cork.  She got a couple bottles of Riesling that are the same way.  There is something kind of cool about a wine that basically comes in a large beer bottle!

Sea Vert seems to have wintered really well.  I think it helped out that I gave her a good cleaning before winter really set in.  The biggest problems that I see are some critters seem to have used the cockpit for a dining room.  Nothing that a hose and gong brush can't take care of.